Ara Chackerian Is Investing Big In Digital Healthcare These Days

Ara Chackerian has built a valuable reputation for himself over that past couple of decades in the business world and one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country today. Ara is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, which he runs as a general partner to an old colleague. Ara Chackerian is also a standing member of various other companies, many of which he founded or co-founded, such as ASC Capital Holdings, Pipelinerx, Juma Ventures, and many more.

For Ara, one of the most exciting things these days is digital healthcare, which he wants to get more involved in and help grow in the future. These kinds of health programs and apps will allow people with mental problems to get the kind of assistance they need. Ara has personally donated to various medical organizations to further medical research as well, including transcranial magnetic stimulation, a treatment that would greatly benefit those with mental health issues.

According to Ara, when it comes to keeping the ideas flowing and his businesses growing, it is because he is constantly learning new things and education himself. Education is important in all stages of life, as it helps an individual grow and see new perspectives, especially when dealing with different kinds of people. When it comes to mental health care, understanding an individual and how they think is crucial to the success of the various treatments available and in development today. Check out to see more.

Ara graduated from Florida State University with a business degree in Marketing and quickly took the business industry by storm. One of the first companies he founded was BMC Diagnostic, which he successfully directed for several years. Today, much of the inspiration Ara Chackerian has comes from his personal life, and it has been his close family that has kept him going through the highs and lows of the business industry.