Betsy DeVos and Strong Beliefs

Betsy DeVos possesses the kind of confidence that comes from a rare place. Her confidence indicates that she believes fully in all of the things she does and says. She doesn’t need to put on airs. The latest Secretary of Education for the United States doesn’t feel the need to pretend. It doesn’t matter if she’s attending a conference with President Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter if she’s talking to the world about a philanthropic mission. She says what she means and that’s that. People who know this Holland, Michigan lady don’t expect her to behave in a manner that’s anything other than honest and straightforward. Dick DeVos, her husband, is similar in a variety of notable ways.


DeVos is aware of the importance of keeping things going smoothly while in public. She knows that perception is a vital thing. She, because of that, doesn’t always reveal exactly what she’s thinking at the time. That doesn’t mean that she’s not a candid, sincere and honest individual. It simply means that she’s a person who understands the strength of equanimity. Equanimity has been a symbol in her life for as long as she can recall. She displays the concept any time she’s talking about educational choice and the school system in the United States. She displays it any time she’s supporting President Trump and his activities and statements. She displays it any time she’s doing anything she believes to be correct and appropriate, period.


This Calvin College alumnus has a political streak that people appreciate. It’s a lot more than just a streak, too. That’s why she has her Secretary of Education position at the moment. Dick DeVos has a grasp of her political personality as well. He’s a tireless activist who is like her in that he also cares strongly about the political world. He tries to make Michigan better for all of the people who reside in it. He concentrates on all matters that relate to its airports. Aviation is one of his favorite subjects. He concentrates on all matters that relate to its construction projects, large cities and schools as well.


Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever cave. If she has an opinion, she’s firm and sticks to it. People know her stance on educational choice. They know how she views charter schools, educational vouchers and beyond, too. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been one of her major focal points since 1989. This group’s donations have consistently been sizable and worth noting. The large philanthropic organization has made donations that have helped all kinds of philanthropic sectors across the board. It’s helped everything from the art scene to education and more.


As a mother, DeVos is fully aware of education and the enormous power it possesses. She despises thinking about parents who are simply unable to make sound educational decisions for their family members. It makes her want to use her talents for good. DeVos is always looking for solutions that can push educational choice to the forefront.


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