Betsy DeVos: Bringing Forth Changes In The School System In America

Betsy DeVos has always been a political figure that has managed to stand tall in the face of adversary. She has consistently stood her ground when it comes to the causes that she supports and the things that she believes in. All through her career, she has made repeated efforts to remedy the problems that are being faced in the country, especially when it comes to the education system in America. She has always viewed education as one of the defining aspects of development that the country can experience.



The education system in the country currently runs from the point of the public school system. A vast majority of the children who are in education in the country are mostly enrolled in public schools. These schools in spite of being one of the premier choices for American children tend to be not well equipped enough to be able to provide the children coming there with all the right resources that they would need to develop their skills and capabilities. America is, in fact, lacking behind when it comes to the facilities offered as compared to other countries in the world.



Betsy DeVos has always known the need for better education and facilities in the country. Sadly, public schools in the country only operate with government funds, which aren’t able to meet the growing needs of children. Schools are often shocked when it comes to the resources, thereby limiting the amount that can be given to their students. The taxpayer’s money is just not enough, which is why changes must be made to be able to provide better care to these children.



One of the solutions that Betsy has always worked towards attaining is the transition from public schools to private schools. Unlike public schools, private schools mainly operate on private funds which are mostly got from individuals who are interested in improving the school system in the country. Because of the availability of private funds, these schools can provide a much better quality of education, and also the facilities that children need to develop.



DeVos has always been a strong advocate for the school charter movement and has been actively trying to implement solutions to improve the system and work for the betterment of facilities offered to children. At her position as the Education Minister of the country, she has implemented some improvements that have already made a difference to the lives of children all over America.


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