Betsy DeVos: The all in one 21st century iron lady

When it comes to women and leadership, Betsy DeVos sets the pace for all the women, and best defines the quote strength of a woman. Betsy whose real or ID name is Elisabeth Dee Prince, has ventured in almost all fields possible from politics, business, and even education. She continues to prove to women that it is possible to be successful in raising a family and also career-wise. Betsy was born and raised in Michigan and is now a 59-year-old who is aging quite gracefully. She attended the Calvin College where she graduated with a BA in business economics. From the word go, Betsy has always had interest in politics and her active involvement in campus politics is enough proof. Apart from loving politics, she also keeps her spiritual life at heart, and she even helped in the establishment of Christian Democracy which is a strong political ideology. Betsy is an active member of the Republican party and has been at the forefront of enacting programs which aim at creating equal educational opportunities for every member of the community.

With close to four decades in politics, Betsy has worked with renowned political organizations and parties and has occupied prominent positions. For instance, she served as a chairwoman of Michigan Republican Party from the year 1996 to 200 and also as the committeewoman for the Republican in Michigan from 1992 to 1997. Betsy has also served as the head of the all children matter PAC and as the chairperson of the board of Alliance for school choice among many other prominent positions. She currently holds the office of the United States of education a job she was assigned in early 2017 after her approval by the committee and after winning against her competitor. Since then she has taken tremendous steps in helping to improve the sector and even though she had a rocky start, citizens of the United States continue to accept her and are now changing their attitudes for the better thanks to her excellent work.

Betsy who is a mother of four and wife to Dick DeVos is not only actively involved in improving the education system but also has a big heart and is always on the forefront of giving back to the community through her many philanthropic activities. For instance, through the Dick & Betsy DeVos family foundation, which she and her husband began in 1989, she can donate and help the less fortunate through donations. To date, the foundation has given approximately $100 million to Christian organizations such as hospitals, Christian schools, art organizations, health research facilities among many others. In matters business, Betsy DeVos was the former chairman of the Windquest group which offers diversified consumer products and services and is based in Michigan. She continues to set the pace for many women, and they look up to her as she can juggle her demanding career and family effortlessly.


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