End Citizens United Supports New Democratic Candidates

End Citizens United is one of the countries leading political action committees. Formed in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision in 2010 on Citizens United versus the Federal election commission this organization has managed to gain a significant amount of momentum in American politics over the last three years. Initially created during spring in 2015 as a response to the outcry against corporate special interest groups influence on politics they have managed to grow to over 3 million members in the span of just a few years. With the expert leadership of Tiffany Muller and Matt Burgess End Citizens United has managed to generate over $60 million in political campaign contributions from individuals across the nation. The show of force has inspired hope that grassroots organizations can change the very face of the American political system.

This year, 2018, is a special year due to the recent election of Republican president Donald Trump who ran on a platform promising to drain the swamp from our American democracy. While the policies that he has implemented since being in office have not yet accomplished those lofty goals, End Citizens United is there to pick up the slack. During the first election cycle that the organization was able to take part in only three political candidates took a public stance against accepting donations from corporate special interest groups and political action committees. In comparison during this midterm election cycle over 70 political candidates have taken a public stance against corporate donations. End Citizens United is standing behind these proud American politicians. End Citizens United has given priority level endorsements to several of these that are running in opposition to the entrenched political elite being referred to as the big money 20.

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Big money 20 is a group of 20 congressmen who have a track record of catering to corporate special interest groups and political action committees over their constituent population. In order to remove these political figures, End Citizens United is lending support to several key politicians from the Democratic Party. Cory Booker senatorial candidate is one such member. He has taken a public stance against accepting corporate political action committee donations and as a result, has received significant support from the grassroots political organization End Citizens United. They have pledged to support him in his campaign to take Pennsylvania’s 18th district senatorial seat. In an effort to promote public understanding they have pledged $250,000 to finance his advertising campaign in an effort to spread awareness of the corruption that is aberrant in the current political system. What is more amazing is every single cent of this campaign financing is 100% transparent it has been submitted to the Federal election commission for lawful auditing.