Expanding The Recycling Center – Orange Coast College

Located in the heart of Orange Country in California, Orange Coast College is one of the largest higher education institutions nationwide. The school was founded in 1947 and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Its campus spreads over 164 acres in Costa Mesa. With over 25,000 students enrolled each semester, this college provides people with over 130 academic fields of study.


Recently, Orange Coast College made headlines for their latest endeavor of expanding the recycling center. The project lasted 15 months, and as of August the construction was finalized and finished. Estimated costs are around $7 million which was contributed by multiple entities.


By expanding their recycling center, OCC can now host over 400 people at one time. This is a notable increase from their 250-person capacity prior to the expansion. Furthermore, upgrading the technology widened their capabilities to recycle dozens of different materials. When it comes to employees who will be enjoying this new addition, many improvements have been made to facilitate their satisfaction. These include showers that can be used after shifts, as well as a break room for people to enjoy their lunch. If needed, students can also take advantage of the showers that the facility offers, prior to their classes.


People can expect prices of five cents for cans under 24 ounces and ten cents for those over 24 ounces. Upon receiving the goods that need to be recycled, OCC will use their long-lasting connections with facilities in Irwindale, Perris, and Los Angeles to get the goods processed. Learn more: https://www.niche.com/colleges/orange-coast-college/


One of the most important improvements includes the construction of a large parking lot. Students are happy to see that updates now enable 45 parking spaces, which is an enormous change from just eight spaces in the past.


Last but not least, the additional revenue of the project enabled the college to built additional classrooms. Students taking environmental studies and resources management can expect to visit the recycling center every week as a part of their basic course attendance. Clearly, having a class at the same place where one can take a shower seems rather convenient!

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