Glen Schlossberg on What it Takes to Start a Business

Glen Schlossberg is the Chief Executive officer and the founding principal of the Jump Design Group. He comes from a humble background where his parent was a dressmaker, and it is from that experience where he got a passion in fashion. With interest in the fashion and beauty industry, Glen started his fashion and design company known as Jump Design Group with the aim of changing and advancing the fashion industry. He is an entrepreneur and investor who has ventured in the fashion industry.

Glen Schlossberg is an alumnus of the New York Fashion Institute of Technology where he pursued his career in fashion and design. He joined the institution at a very tender age, and it is this institute that drove him into founding Jump Design Group. His fashion and design group attends many of the fashion shows which are carried in many countries across the world. It does so because it wants to have an insight into what are the most exciting and most significant trends in the fashion industry.

According to weeklyopinion, unlike other fashion providers, Jump works hand in hand with the domestic warehouses to create their fashion products quickly. The company’s goal is to get all its products to shelves from design status in a month or even less than a month. This enables the well-known brand to release the best seasonal products of the best fashion in time.

Schlossberg is responsible for the company’s growth and development as he strives the company is updated with the latest and most innovative fashion design. His company also designs and sells its products to the celebrities in the United States and other countries in the globe. Schlossberg is well known in the country for making quick and accessible fashion for women happen in the western. It is this advancement that makes his company to be a highly reputable fashion and designing company in the world.

Glen acquired a team of professional staff who are dedicated to delivering to the customers thus leveraging the productivity of the company. Marketing expertise from his crew enables the company to scale to greater heights and be well known in the world. Jump is catering for some of the highly prolific brands in online and traditional retailers including Nordstrom, Zippos, and Macy’s. As the leader of the company, Glen ensures that Jump uses the latest technology to come up with the innovative latest fashions.