GreenSky Credit was saved by David Zalik & Nigel Morris

Ever since David Zalik founded GreenSky Credit, the company has been offering business a way to give credit to their customers. GreenSky Credit is a loan brokerage and a third party service provider. The company works in a variety of industries like the retail industry and medical fields. The company is headquartered out of Atlanta, Georgia.

David Zalik was not only the co-founder of GreenSky Credit, he is also the current Chief Executive Officer, a position he has held since the company’s foundation in 2006. David Zalik has been previously involved in many other companies. He was the co-founder of Outweb Inc, founded MicroTech Information and also co-founded The Resource Institute.

Zalik’s history is a true success story. He is the son of an immigrant: his father was born and raised in Argentina. His mother is originally Russian, but her family also lived in China and Australia. Together, Zalik’s mother and father moved to Israel, and David Zalik was born. His father went on to have a successful career as a math professor when they moved to the United States.

David Zalik took the SAT at the young age of 13, passing with flying colors. He also began taking lessens at Auburn University, where his father worked. Zalik was still in middle school when he began his college education.

While he was still young, during his early years of college, Zalik’s love of entrepreneurship began. He would buy computer parts, build PCs, and then sell the finished product, adding about 900 dollars to his pocket with each sale. He became very skilled at putting these computers together. The process originally took him 10 hour to complete; eventually, Zalik was able to build an entire machine in 30 minutes.

He didn’t stay in college;however, he did pursue a career in computer production. He created MicroTech, at age 22, in 1996. He was able to turn the company into a multi-million dollar company, selling it for a sizable amount.

GreenSky Credit came much later, almost a decade later, in fact. The company may have been created in 2006, but it didn’t become truly profitable until 2013. He met Nigel Morris, one of the co-founders of Capital One. Morris made a multi-million dollar investment, possibly saving the company.