Herbalife Helps Save Lives

Herbalife is a company dedicated to improving lives. While the company’s primary focus is weight loss and weight management, they also practice philanthropy and love helping out the community whenever they can. A recent donation of their Protein Deluxe Bars to 120 blood donation centers operated by the American Red Cross proves the company stands behind their words. The company recently donated more than 280,000 of their delicious bars to these centers throughout the U.S. It’s a half-million dollar donation, but is one of the many generous donations the company has made over the past several years.


The snack size bars are perfect for volunteers to much on after they donate blood since the bars contain 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of carbs for the perfect balance of nutrients needed after blood donation. The protein bars have many other nutrients inside that also give the user a boost, including riboflavin. There’s several varieties and flavors of the bars as well, some of which are high in iron count.


Bars are given to Samaritans who donate blood as well as to the volunteers. People who donate blood can munch on one of the bars as they drive home or return to work or other routines. The bars are suitable for many different people and different needs since they’re packed with so many awesome nutrients. And, they’re great to eat on the go and come in the perfect size!

Donating protein bars is a lot of fun, but it is just one of the many ways that Herbalife Nutrition does their part to help people facing disasters. They hold blood drives at their offices and at the corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. They also have a mobile van blood donation center that operates throughout Southern California. The ARC estimates that Herbalife’s efforts help save as many as 25,000 lives every year.