How Betsy Devos Improved Education in Florida

Betsy Devos is someone who stands by her convictions. Although she sometimes appears to be of the soft and gentle kind in public, those who know her in private and in her political work and her activism say that she is a dedicated person who fights for her ideals. She will be relentless and will not give up if the situation so requires. She is also not afraid to take on those who oppose her, even if they have more power than her. One example is how she privately opposed the Trump administration’s decision to reverse Obama’s transgender policy for public bathrooms.


Betsy Devos comes from a family that is heavily invested in charitable causes, and she herself donates plenty of money on a regular basis. She gives millions of dollars a year to charity, especially to organizations and political groups that support education reform. She and her husband, Dick Devos, have already given away 139 million dollars to charity. In their home state of Michigan, they are household names, and because of their vast philanthropic contributions, they have their names plastered on buildings throughout the state.


Betsy Devos has made education her life work. Besides donating copious amounts of money to charity, she also spends a lot of her time lobbying for education reform. She has spent a lot of time on boards and with groups that advocate for education reform.


As part of her education reform efforts, Betsy Devos has lobbied for additional governmental support for charter schools and other private schools, including religious schools. It is her strongly held belief that children should have as many choices as possible when it comes to their education, and that they should not be limited to their local public school. As Education Secretary, she has made many visits to charter schools and other private schools. For example, she visited a charter school in Washington with the Queen of Jordan and the First Lady of the United States. She visited a charter school in Florida that was started by the famous rapper Pitbull. Florida is a state where her efforts to support private schools have seen much success. Since 2000, Florida has given more than 760 million dollars to charter schools. Many laws were signed into effect by former Governor Jeb Bush that provided charter and other private schools with various benefits and funding.


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