Information Rocketship Education System

This is a chain of free public charter k-5 schools. It is an institution that was established in 2006 and it is located in San Jose, Calif. In 2002, the Rocketship was operating five schools that were located in San Jose region which had an average of 450 students in each school. The approximate qualification of students to have free lunch was 90 percent and those that could speak the second language were 75 percent. The institutions have a school program motto; at rocketship, they believe that each and every child should deserve to have an excellent education, where every child can be able to attend a college for four years where the path to college should start in Kindergarten. The Innosight Institute released a blending learning report about Rocketship. It was the commentary about NPR’s with a recent coverage about Rocketship charter schools which has continued to be unabated through the weekend on Facebook and Twitter.

This is a 6/24 story that has been admired and also defended by most people, among the people is Audrey Watters. In his tweet, Audrey Watters talked about the great report that came regarding the tech-centric charter schools on Rocketship chain. There seems to be some light that is of internal practices of charter network and they have not been reported previously. This is where a 3,800 words story is lacking, but it is in beneath and balance. The critics from the supporters of Rocketship education suggest that the piece of NPR may not many have painted unfairly and the complete picture of its network which focuses on almost exclusive about the challenges that it has experienced without much of the context. So that to be qualified, is there a need of comparing neighboring schools near Rocketship charters? This is a question that Richard Whitmire asked, he is a longtime journalist and also author of Rocketship. The original piece had been written by Anyan Kamenetz who is the head blogger where he described the 13 Rocketship schools network as it is in the list of most applauded charter schools which is hailed as the innovative model that is blended in learning. The piece will mainly be relying on problematic reports practices which will suggest that the practices are common especially to other charter networks.