Lightspeed Venture Partners Brings Ashley Lightspeed On Board

Ashley Lightspeed joined the consumer investing team at Lightspeed late 2018 after a successful period at Stanford Business School. She was brought on board as partner. The team will get to enjoy her impeccable skills in product management. She has worked with numerous consumer startups and offers a great blend of skills that the firm can make the most of.

She is well-known for her ability to observe people with the eye of an anthropologist. Ashley Lightspeed can create designs reserved for architects with a designer’s prototyping approach. All these impressive qualities are capped off with her insistence on test-and-learn tactics that scientists prefer.

She enjoyed an incredible time at Thumbtack before she moved to Stanford Business School. She helped the firm earn revenue in the excess of millions as she served as a category manager. Events and Weddings were her specialties. She had initially worked at Bain.

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Her recruitment came at a time when the firm was beefing up their investment team. Four other investment partners including Jana Messerchmidt from twitter and Merci Victoria Grace, founder of Women in Product, were secured in the same period. The firm had announced a $1.8 billion fund a few weeks before making these incredible hires.

Ashley Lightspeed was a student at Duke University and graduated with a Bachelor Arts degree in 2012. She followed this up with an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She landed her first job a few months after leaving Duke University. Bain & Company gave her an opportunity to serve as a senior associate consultant, a position she took with great pride and worked at diligently.

She left the firm in 2015 to take up a position at Thumbtack where she stayed for another year. From here she chose to go back to school and joined Stanford for her MBA. Upon completion Lightspeed Venture Partners was keen to cash in on her expertise.

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