NPG VAN: Digital Innovation and the Future of Political Campaigns

In the early decades of the 20th century, television and radio helped drive political campaigns, but on-the-ground efforts by thousands of staffers often made the real difference – going door to door, making calls, compiling thousands of pages of polling data. A century later, in the early decades of the 21st century, online campaign mobilization is the way to go.


NGP VAN, a cutting-edge web hosting and voter database company, is at the forefront of this brave, new high tech political world. Created in 1997 under the name Voter Action Network, NGP VAN understands that technology is ever-changing and growing in the way it proliferates information to people and that progressive and Democratic candidates and staff need tools that can keep up in order to effectively reach voters on a personal level. The company offers tools in campaign data, fundraising, and canvassing to its clients through programming and technical expertise to ensure data safety and the means to disperse that information through websites and mobile apps.


NPG VAN also interfaces with other, smaller companies, networking with specialized aspects of communication in order to reach an even wider audience. Recently, they have collaborated with Hustle, a messaging service capable of collecting contact info and sending personalized direct messages, and SpeakEasy Political, a direct mail platform. This collaboration ensures that communication through peer-to-peer direct messages and newsletters and through direct mailing allow up-to-date campaign statistics across the board, from local meetups to state-wide fundraising efforts. This kind of technical flexibility could be instrumental in Democrats and progressives flipping seats in the upcoming 2018 Midterm elections.


Digital grassroots efforts are the wave of the future for the 21st century, just like door-to-door grassroots efforts in the 1950s. With the technical know-how, a willingness to continue evolving with online mobilization through a variety of platforms, and breathtaking innovation regarding campaign information dissemination, NGP VAN is the go-to political