End Citizens United Supports New Democratic Candidates

End Citizens United is one of the countries leading political action committees. Formed in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision in 2010 on Citizens United versus the Federal election commission this organization has managed to gain a significant amount of momentum in American politics over the last three years. Initially created during spring in [ View Post… ]

Betsy DeVos and Strong Beliefs

Betsy DeVos possesses the kind of confidence that comes from a rare place. Her confidence indicates that she believes fully in all of the things she does and says. She doesn’t need to put on airs. The latest Secretary of Education for the United States doesn’t feel the need to pretend. It doesn’t matter if [ View Post… ]

The Purpose of Fabletics Brick and Mortar Expansion

One thing to consider when it comes to business is what they focus on. One of the common focuses of businesses is gaining new customers. However, Fabletics is taking a different approach to success. They have their priorities set on a different objective. When they have opened brick and mortar locations throughout the nation, their [ View Post… ]

Bradesco Says Goodbye To Longtime Leader

The largest bank in Brazil, Bradesco, has recently announced that major changes are coming to its lineup of top leadership. Longtime CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be stepping down in order to take over the spot of chairman of the board. That position is being vacated by Lazaro Brandao, one of the bank’s most [ View Post… ]