Renowned Attorney Jeff Herman is One of The Best in Sexual Abuse Victim Representation

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the world-renowned attorney, Jeff Herman, he is a trial lawyer with a specialty in representing clients that have suffered from sexual abuse or rape. Jeff Herman became especially well known after he helped to expose a horrible sexual abuse scandal that rocked both the Archdiocese of Miami and the Archdiocese of Denver. Additional, Mr. Herman also became nationally known for securing an astonishingly high $100 million dollar verdict against Rev. Neil Doherty, who was convicted of sexually abusing Herman’s client.

Most recently, Jeff Herman’s law firm, known as Herman Law, has been closely monitoring Corey Feldman and his recent decision to challenge the Senate GOP on the Child Victims Act. Sarah Powers-Barnhard, a volleyball player for Team USA, and highly acclaimed actor, Corey Feldman, have joined forces in order to battle with Senate Republicans over a Child Victims Act that the duo wants to see get passed. The duo’s push for progress blasted forward when an NYC group called New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators formed to garner additional support. Child Victims Act (S.809) as it’s formally known, was originally floated by Brad Hoylman, a Democrat from Manhattan. The act would help to remove any form of civil or criminal statutes of limitations involving cases of sexual abuse. A retroactive component of the act would even allow a one year window for abuse victims to seek out civil lawsuits against abusers that committed crimes over the last 50 year.

According to current laws, all sexual abuse crimes have to be taken to court within five years of them taking place. Additionally, sexual abuse victims typically only have 1-3 years to sue an abuser, dependant on a variety of factors.

While the Child Victims Act is still pending within the GOP held Senate, it is thought that the act will likely be passed with an overwhelming majority of votes in favor of it. With the literal tsunami of sexual abuse claims that have come forward lately, such as the cases against Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Al Franken, and other famous and powerful people, it is widely agreed upon that the American public at large is eager for much tougher laws to be passed against sexual predators within the country.

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