Scott Rocklage Business Owner and Medical Investor

Scott Rocklage has had a great career as a business owner. During his career, he started dozens of companies. Many of his ideas have failed, but he learned valuable lessons from his failures.


Scott Rocklage invests in areas that need help. Many people need medical support in the United States. As costs continue to increase, some people worry about paying for medical care that they truly need. Scott Rocklage is working with pharmaceutical companies to reduce the overall cost of care.



Business Success


Although it was difficult at first, Scott Rocklage is now a successful business owner. He enjoys managing multiple companies because it keeps him busy. He likes helping customers with their problems.


Scott Rocklage is a firm believer in paying employees high wages. Unlike other business owners, he views employees as an investment in the business. With the recent tax reform laws, Scott Rocklage announced new bonuses for all of his employees.



Medical Technology


One of the best ways to lower the cost of medical care is to leverage technology. In other industries, technology reduces the cost of various services. A focus on preventative care also reduces medical costs. Scott Rocklage encourages people to live an active and healthy lifestyle. If people eat a healthy diet and exercise each day, their chances of developing a major medical issue are much lower.


Although he runs several successful companies, Scott Rocklage still finds time to help others. He is excited about the new projects he is trying to solve. Learn more: