Securus Technologies: Increasing Security for the Public

Securus Technologies developed the wireless containment systems, which would prevent the use of contraband cell phones inside the prison. The wireless containment system works just like a regular cell phone jammer, but it is efficient because it can be used to disable hundreds or devices which are being used illegally. Aside from the potential of the system being used as a jammer, the wireless containment system can also be installed by the jail officers for security purposes. Through the years, the number of contraband cell phones being smuggled inside the prison kept on rising, and the jail officers have thanked Securus Technologies for the great invention that they have introduced. The wireless containment system is expected to block illegal calls to contraband cell phones, and it would make the lives of jail officers easier. They have been complaining about the constant appearance of contraband cell phones inside the cells of some prisoners, and they stated that with the wireless containment system, these devices would be rendered useless.



Securus Technologies also revealed that it was Robert Johnson who gave them the idea to create the wireless containment system. Robert Johnson was a former jail officer who was tasked to confiscate contraband cell phones inside the premises of the North Carolinian prison he is working at. However, by performing his job, he was constantly threatened with death and injuries, but he ignored all of the threats knowing that he is safe because the prisoners would not have the means to go out of their cells and hurt him. However, it turned out that the power of contraband cell phones is beyond his understanding. Robert Johnson saw a news report about an infant being brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. When the police conducted investigations, it was found out that the person behind the murder was a prisoner who is using his contraband cell phone to instruct his men what they would do with the child. These kinds of reports have prompted him to become more aggressive when dealing with contraband cell phones, knowing how dangerous it can be once the prisoner would instruct their men to hurt others with the communication being maintained through the use of contraband cell phones.



Later on, Robert Johnson found himself in trouble when two men shot him six times inside his house. He survived the attack, but it also prompted him to leave his work for safety reasons. He is now working as a consultant for Securus Technologies, and his story inspired the company to build the wireless containment system. After its introduction, the system was installed in more than 3,000 facilities all across North America, and Securus Technologies ensured the public that the case of Robert Johnson would be the last of its kind.