Talk Fusion: A Powerful Tool for Better Communication

When you spend money on Talk Fusion’s basic tier of service you are purchasing so much more than email and marketing services. You’re deciding to change the way that your consumers look at you and create an online brand that is unmatched by many of your competitors. While there are some that do not know about Talk Fusion’s service, the people that do use it would never change a thing. Engadget’s article “Does the Talk Fusion App Live up to the Hype?” written by Jesse Boskoff is an introduction to the service for people who may be looking into some forms of digital marketing.


One of the biggest things that people worry about when it comes to spending money on digital marketing is the cost that they will incur. Talk Fusion makes this aspect of the journey very affordable and offers individuals the chance to start their services with them for the low cost of $175, a one-time startup fee, and then a $20 monthly maintenance fee that will guarantee that they receive top-tier support. This service is exceptional because for this low price individuals are able to not only store more than 1000 different emails within the servers, but they are able to embed five-minute videos directly into those emails where the clients can view them directly. This opens up a world of possibilities for those people using the service. They can send out a variety of different videos featuring training protocols, product details, welcome information, and any other type of video that they might need. One of the best features of these embedded videos is that they allow companies to put in a logo, increasing the look and feel of professionalism within the content.


After looking at the services provided by Talk Fusion, there seems to be no better way to do business online when it comes to communication services. If you have a larger company that needs more extended services for an extra $200 startup cost you may be able to add in up to 10-minute videos and a $200 per month fee will allow you to store 25,000 different email addresses. This could be an entire distribution list or company directory, allowing you to remain in contact with all of your employees for one low cost. Talk Fusion is a valuable tool for employees, employers, small business owners, and even individuals that are looking to increase their marketing presence. Learn more: