Talk Fusion University: Sharing Knowledge is the Key.

Talk Fusion is a video email and video chat service that was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina. The company helps businesses expand their reach by making marketing easier with video tools. The products are also used by businesses across the world to hold conferences and make presentations to other companies. The company has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Now the CEO Bob Reina wants to share his knowledge by offering his employees a program called Talk Fusion University.

The program works for employees or associates as they are called for Talk Fusion. The associate can take advantage of step by step videos offered by Bob Reina to help them learn the ropes of the industry. It is a bold and new effort by Bob Reina to share what he has learned over the last twenty-five years in the business. This program will ensure that the methods Bob Reina took to heart will be available for as many associates of Talk Fusion as possible.

The program has started off with more than thirty videos showing associates how to promote and sell the Talk Fusion brand of products. The best thing for associates of Talk Fusion is that the training for them is free of charge. This can really help spread the word about Talk Fusion and the products they sell. The program is only available in two languages as of now but will expand as to many others as time goes on.

The two main languages as of now are English and Bahasa. The programs will be translated into other languages like German, Spanis, Japanese, and Russian. The program is currently only available to Talk Fusion Associates. It is not currently available for any public use at this time. The program uses company identification numbers for entry into the program. Learn more:

talk Fusion is helping move their employees into the future with Talk Fusion University. By sharing knowledge with others Bob Reina and his team have made sure that Talk Fusion and the principles that founded it will continue for many years to come no matter what.