The Life of Sheldon Lavin In the Meat and Food Processing Industry

Meat and processing industry has experienced significant changes since it was established in the United States of America. This has witnessed the emergence of renowned giants in the industry that have brought impact in the lives of many people. OSI Group, LLC is a renowned meat and food processing company that has invested in the US and other parts of the world. The company started from humble beginnings but later succeeded in what was a complex and challenging field. Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group, LLC. He has been instrumental in the development and success story of the company. He has gathered immense skills from his previous employment opportunities that have been instrumental in his current position.

The history of OSI Group dates back to the early 20th century during the migration of Germans into the United States of America. Most of the Germans migrated and settled in Chicago in large numbers. During this migration process, they met an environment conducive to establishing businesses and earn a living. Otto Kolschowsky a member of the German community that had migrated to Chicago, developed an idea of setting up a meet retail shop to serve his community. After a decade, the investment started picking steadily which prompted him to expand his production to a wholesale shop. With the development of business, he later started opening branches in other parts of Chicago like Maywood and more

In 1928, the company rebranded to Otto & Sons that saw the brand name of the family remains intact. After the Second World War, the town started opening up and expanded business wise thus bringing new players on board. The McDonald’s restaurant opened its first branch in Chicago in 1955, this created more business opportunity in Chicago. As such, the two main market giants signed a memorandum where the Otto & Sons Company would be responsible for supplying meat and foodstuffs to the restaurant. This was a mutual agreement that led to Otto & Sons open a new firm that would help in processing a large quantity of meat that would be distributed far and wide.

Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in the establishment of over 65 OSI Group branches across the world. Sheldon Lavin promises to continue investing in green practices and market-focused strategies to maximize the company’s profits. Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in spearheading of the OSI Group joint ventures in Germany, United Kingdom and Canada.

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